Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Prayer

Great Spirit of life who lives in our hearts and all things, we call upon you again for comfort.

Come and bless us in the words of those inspired and holy hearts who came before, bringing our minds peace through deeper understanding.

Come and bless us as the spirit of nature, inspiring us with your beauty, majesty and wildness, reminding us we were never in control.

Bless us in the form of uncanny coincidence that shakes us from the doldrums of the “ordinary” and awakens us to connectivity and inner meaning.

Bless us through inspiration arising within.

Bless us through the hands and hearts and glances of true friends, may we be embraced.

In moments of witnessing the tragic, bless us through spaciousness, calling us home to our presence so that we may be with whatever is arising, neither turning away in fear, nor closing our hearts in reactivity.

Let us become your instruments, purveyors of Grace, enfolded in the knowing that we are One in this Spirit.

Flow forth to those who have experienced loss today, ease their tears.

Flow forth to those burned by hatred, cool their fires.

Flow forth to those empowered to lead others - open their hearts.

Bind us ever closer, heart to heart, as one humanity, one earth, as a family partaking together in the spirit of Life itself.

Come to us oh great Spirit, we call, and may we be comforted.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this blessing. I can't find any words for the sadness in my heart and soul.